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Ichthor Mortimus. That is a name which strikes fear into all, even those who believe he is dead.


Early Life (480 - 495 PA)Edit

Ichthor was born to a family of Necromancers in the mountain village of high peak in the year 480. His parents were Necromancers who sought to put their skills to good use and were overwhelmingly liked by the village where they, and Ichthor, had many friends. His parents taught him their skills from a young age which he learnt in leaps and bounds and had both a remarkable intelligence and remarkable looks with jet black hair and two inquisitive turquois eyes.

His parents and him set off upon a trip to help a near by village but became trapped when a mountain pass they were travelling along became blocked. Worse the villagers turned out to despise Necromancery and so his parents decided to place their skills to good use in other respects. They worked hard and Ichthor struggled to understand how their life had gone down hill. He became dark, moody and grumpy.

Then one day the village was raided by a group of bandits who wished to learn the secrets of Necromancery. They took Ichthor, along with his mother and farther, prisoner and while Ichthor's parents refused to tell them anything but Ichthor took it as an opportunity to take back his old life. He told the bandits everything he knew. Which was a lot.

He also quickly figured out that his parents were being held captive. He bided his time and became best friends with the bandit leader then killed him in a way which is so disturbing and horrible I won't reveal here for the sanity of anyone who reads this.

He then found his parents. But what should have been a happy reunion quickly degraded into a argument and then into an outright fight which Ichthor Mortimus won but no before mortally injuring his parents (although he probably wasn't very happy about this the lengthy narration a playwright has latter ascribed to him is inaccurate). He then decided to kill everyone else in the world.

The Works of Necromancery (500 - 5003 PA)Edit