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Steinkreaturen (singular steingeschöpf or stone creatures) are stone statues transformed into unbeatable guardians via a bound spell originating from Lebendeländer. They do not move until summoned by their creator but apart from that they can not be distiguished by normal means and are cloaked from magical ones by a powerful spell. Although typically made out of pure stone or limestone, gargoyls made out of stand stone, clay and even flint have been found.


The abilities of Steinkreaturen depend on the abilities of the creature that the statue dipicts but they have their own set of advantages. For example as they are no living things they can not die of blood loss (as they have no blood to lose) or be killed by injuring an organ like the heart as they have none. They are as tough as stone even when activated and typically peice themselves back together and so can only be destroyed with a spell more powerful than the one which created them.

They do have downsides though in that they are typically blunt and only attack people who are either obiously enemies or they have been ordered to attack. Further they leak power when activated and as a result are typically only good for defensive possisions (unless you are able to haul one all the way to your enemies) and are still no good after many battles

Other formsEdit

  • Tonsteinkreaturen - steinkreaturen made of clay
  • Eisensteinkreaturen -steinkreaturen made of metal

These alternate forms often can have abilities that the regular steinkreaturen do not have