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The Alran, also known as elves, are a race of ancient humanoids created by water elementals.


Meta: name formatEdit

<given name> <farther's given name>set/dawn <mother's surname>

Example name Serishia Iolasdawn Erthiros

The end of element two is dawn for women and set for men.

This formula is virtually always adhered to with the exception of the Kanhosen elves who use the mother's given name as the second element and drop the third element and the Scurwage elves who drop the farther's given name. I generate my given names with this generator and the second and third elements with this one.

Great familiesEdit


Queens and princes of Usherway.


The magicians closely tied to the Erthiros family.


The original rebel elves, now fled to Scurwage.


The original leading family of Athelron


One of the major ruling families in Athelron.